Friday, December 28, 2012

TEA! (Ezekiel)

I just love tea!  I love it!  Grown-ups here all seem to love it, so why wouldn't I?

More tea, please!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Bus (Ezekiel)

I love buses.  I pretty much love anything that has wheels and goes, and buses fit those qualifications.  Whenever we get to the chowk, I try to persuade Mom to take us on the bus.  They are filled with people.  Mom won't take us on the bus if there are people hanging on the outside, for some reason.  Personally, I say, the more the merrier.  People on the bus love me!  I am like the bus entertainment.  One thing I have learned is that, if you hit the side of the bus two times, it makes the bus go.  The guy at the front seems to have more power with this than I do, but I keep trying lately.  I really like to hold on to the bar on the ceiling, but Mom usually insists on trying to find a seat, and then I can't reach it.
Mom insists that we keep all body parts inside the bus, but it is so tempting to reach out when the window is open and so big and only a few inches higher than the seat.
When we get to where we want to go, it's like a game to weave through the people to get off the bus before it starts going again.  So far, we've been mostly successful.
And, Mom seems to feel satisfied at having saved some money by taking the bus, so everybody wins!
I wish we could ride the bus everyday.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Missing "Home" (Isaiah)

I have really been missing America lately.  Things are not so new and exciting anymore.  Now, everything just seems different.
Some of the things I miss are:
"the fountain"
regular cow's milk
Panera mac'n'cheese
Egg McMuffins
the train by target
frozen yogurt
English muffins
"both Daniels" (Daniel and Danielle)
"I think Ezekiel misses all the doggies in America and Tito."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nepal Loves Me (Ezekiel)

It's like I was made for Nepal!  The people here love me!  I wave to them, and they squeal and grin and wave back, even when they are driving.  They call me Babu, and they think it is super cute when I repeat that.  They pinch my cheeks a lot.  That seems to really stress out my brother, but come on, Isaiah, we're cute.  You have to give the people what they want.  Sometimes they try to pick me up and take me places, which sort of cramps my style, but they eventually put me back down and laugh as I run off.

Mom seems surprised, but I chug the milk here.  We get to make it ourselves!  How cool is that?  Sometimes Mom lets me stir.  People feed me lots of good food here, and I would drink the tea all day long if Mom would let me!

There are dogs everywhere!  And other animals, too!  Right out on the street.  Mom doesn't let me touch them.

Mom seems less concerned with me getting dirty than she used to be.  Maybe she figures it's a losing battle, but I pretty much now get to stay covered in a nice layer of dirt most of the time.  Then sometimes I go in a big bucket to get washed.

I even like the medicine here better!  I would never take that stuff from America, all flavored up and weird.  Now, this stuff here...this stuff I will take.  

The taxis and buses are my favorite!  I don't have to sit in a car seat.  They almost never even have seat belts!  That is the way to ride!  They do make me sleepy, though.  I mean, it is so soothing.  There is a constant hum of various noises and a good strong rocking up and down and all around...Who wouldn't fall asleep?!  There is one stretch of road especially that gets me every time.  At the bottom of the hill we live on, there is this stretch of road with no smoothness in sight.  Big giant bumps for at least a mile.  It shakes me right to sleep.

I think I might be part Nepali in a white shell.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cheeks (Zeke)

Nepalis love my cheeks. 

Ducks in a Bag (Isaiah)

Today, we saw two guys riding a scooter, and one of them was holding a plastic garbage bag with two live ducks sticking their heads out. 
"Mom, can we get ducks in a bag?"

Back in Action

I am back!  Back in Nepal and tellin' the world about it (or at least Grandpa and Grandma who faithfully read this).
My brother is joining me this time, and this time it is more than a visit.  This is our home. 
So, here we go on another adventure!  Two bideshi boys taking Bhaisepati by storm!