Friday, February 1, 2013

Marriage (Isaiah)

I've been talking a lot about marriage lately.  I told Mommy I want to marry her, but she says Daddy already did.
So, last week, I married my friend Naomi.  I told Mom "Naomi and I married each other."  She seemed pleased (and a little amused).  When Miss Lizzy came where we were, I told her that Naomi and I married each other and said that I have a sword to protect her.
I asked her if Naomi and I can live in our house, and she and Dad can move somewhere else.
Today when we were talking about Mary Poppins, I asked Mom if Mary Poppins married someone, and she said no.  Well, that makes sense.  "People who fly don't get married."
Tonight, I said, "I don't want to marry anyone...except Naomi."  Mom said that I only get to pick one person to marry.   I told her this other girl said she wanted to marry me.  Mom said, "Well, looks like you're in high demand."
"Yeah."  Grins.