Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bus Hawking (Ezekiel)

I am a master of observation these days.  I watch people.  I study them.  Then I do what they do.
I love buses.  A lot.  So, it only seems natural to watch the bus people.
And the bus people have some very specific behavior, which I think I have come quite close to mastering.
Mom calls them "hawkers."  They are the soul of the bus.  They get the people to come, and they seem to have the power to control when the bus stop and goes again.
Sunday, I decided to demonstrate my skills.  My family had gotten on a bus, and as we were sitting and waiting at the stop where we got on, I leaned my head out of the window, shouted, "Bhaisepati!  Bhaisepati!" and gave a good double bang with my hand on the side of the bus.  I didn't get us any more passengers, but I did get quite a few people looking at me, surely admiring my hawking skills!

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