Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vomiting (Isaiah)

I had just opened a package from Grandpa and Grandma the day before, so I was wearing my new footie pajamas.  They made me feel strong!

Apparently, not strong enough.  Footie pajamas are no match for vomit.  It just came.  Woke up with it all over my bed.  And then again.  Moved in to Mom and Dad's bed.  She put a bucket by the bed that I guess I was supposed to hit with the vomit, but that is a lot to ask of a tired guy who keeps waking up with this awful vomiting thing.  Mom caught it with her hands several times (seems like she was counting because she said three the next day).  She got the bucket up in time for me lots of times, though!  
Lots of cold, miserable changes of clothes and sheets and general horribleness!  What a rough night!  Mom let me watch movies all the day the next day.  I've tried telling her several times since then that I had a rough night and need to watch movies again, but so far, that part has sadly not repeated.  Glad we are well past the vomiting, though.  Did seem to make Mom nervous every time I burped for a few days.  
I am a bit disillusioned about the footie pajamas now.  I think I'll leave those for my brother.

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  1. hahahah sorry buddy :( I saw your sneakiness there though :p